What Where When is the best website if you want to search for Food or dining activities in your area or the area you are visiting.

For example, you want to search for Chinese restaurants in The Bronx, NY

Just type in the search bar “Chinese restaurants”, “10461” (zip code), “29/12/2017” press enter and search results will be displayed in front of your screen of all the Chinese restaurants in The Bronx near you.

Or maybe you want to search for apples, anywhere

Just type in the search bar “fresh apples” “33427” “29/12/2017” and it will provide you the results of the all the providers of fresh apples in the area.

There are usually more farms near you than you can imagine. These farms have products to offer and would love to have you stop by during harvest season to buy up all they produce. Their only problem is getting enough people to come every harvest without breaking the bank paying for ad space in an area that will produce enough buyers for their provisions.

Whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want it, you’ll get the desired results without all the clutter and irrelevant ads giving you the most refined and pertinent results to ease your search for the ideal food for you.

Another service we are working on is helping communities distribute needed provisions in times of disaster or famine. The service will respond to queries for “Emergency Water” “Emergency Food”, etc. The results will be provided for local events and locations where help is needed and direct the needy to locations where the items can be found. This is, of course, in the works and many agencies will have to be contacted to inform them of the service, we will keep you posted on the progress.