What Where When is the best website if you want to search for fun activities in your area or the area you are visiting. This page is where we will list things people are doing for amusement around the country, or around the world. What Where When plans to give you ideas and places you can visit to engage the services offered.

Let’s say you want information about paint ball tournaments at Boca Raton.

Just type in the search bar “Paint ball tournament” “33434” (zipcode) “(pick a date)” and it will give the results of the all the paint ball tournaments happening at Boca Raton.

Or maybe you want to search for Book fair at Nashua, NH

Just type in the search bar “book fair” “03060” (zipcode) “(pick a date)” press enter and results will be displayed in front of your screen of all the book fairs in Nashua.

The pattern for search results is identical for any event or place that you desire to search for.

Kid Fun – 32205 (zipcode) – ++/++/+++ Pick a date
Rock Climbing – 64030 (zipcode) – (pick a date)
Bungee Jumping – 64121 (zipcode) – 29/12/2017