"Personal" Use

$12.00 Introductory Offer

This includes tag  sales, free stuff, church giveaways, free food, help wanted, address cards, mobile phone listings, help offered. Anything a person can offer for sale or free and wanted goes here. Sign up now and you lock in this price for as long as you keep coming back and remain on autopay. So lock in this annual price of $3.00us now! It won't be offered much longer and will never be offered again.


$29.95us/year Introductory Offer.

This subscription is for the commercial prospect that has an on going business and needs to drive traffic to their location. This location can be stationery or mobile as with food trucks. Another service that benefits well is mobile mechanics, cleaning services, take-out vendors, towing, and a host of others. And as with the basic subscription, sign up now and you will lock in this price for as long as you remain on good terms with us.   15.00 us will bring the eyes of thousands to your door.


$200.00/year introductory trial offer

"Enterprise" subscription is for those vendors with more than one location that can be nationwide.

This will be for your retail chains, and franchises that operate throughout the country and would like an ongoing presence in the hands of many. It will not be limited to nationwide chains,  can also be for online contributor's who would like to be there for others; for instructional videos, help with living, diet, and other institutional entities who are willing to help anyone anywhere. This offer will not last. This same service can cost thousands with other contractor's who make money per view and are traffic oriented.